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Violence or Strength of Emotion

I sit her with tears in my eyes, with gratitude in my heart, wondering if I have helped anyone in need.  The lyrics to a hymn run through my mind.  Have I helped anyone in the world today, Have I helped anyone in need. Have I cheered up the sad made someone feel glad, If not I have failed in deed. 

I think of all those I have worked with and hope they know how much I care.  I think of those I have had the opportunity to have as a part of my crew and hope they left knowing I care.  Did my family as they walked out the door know that they are my number one?  As I kiss their cheek, and tell them goodbye do they know I will always be there when they truly need. 

I love my life.  I am in a great place.  I have not always been here though.  Do we sometimes forget what we have, in pursuit of what we think we need?  Only to find out we were already there.  Life has a way, if we will let it, of refining us, of tempering us.  Will we allow the kindness, the compassion, the tender feelings of our hearts raise another up from the despair of theirs?  Even if it is our own?

I often think of the violence that is in the world and that I see in my career.  Through the midst of it all are we brave enough to be the light?  Are we brave enough to embrace the lonely with a hug even if it is not politically correct?

Violence is a word that I see as sometimes misunderstood.  Violence is always used in a negative connotation.  And normally violence is or brings about a negative result.  However, have we ever stopped to think about violence as a tool for good?  You may think this as an oxymoron.  How would violence ever bring about good?

Richard Grenier in 1993 wrote in a newspaper about a body of work penned by George Orwell, stating that Orwell pointed out, people sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

Do we not realize that this violence (strength of emotion) is a mere exercise of physical force brought about with the intent to neutralize or stop the acts of evil?  Do we not realize that the men and women who selflessly bring about this violence against evil are not rough at all, but are most often human beings who love and kiss their families’ goodbye each shift before they walk out the door?

This violence, this strength of emotion, may seem rough to most but lying beneath it all is a caring, kind, gentle heart wishing for peace and a little understanding.  Beneath it all is a king and gentle soul battling with thought of themselves and wondering are they normal. 

I have dealt violence (strength of emotion) against another Human Being.  The one solace I found in that situation is that there was no malice, no hate, and no anger in my heart in that moment.  It was simply my training.  It was simply a desire to go home safe. It was simply a desire and will to keep those around me safe.  Yet, how often after the fact I found myself with thoughts and feeling wondering…. Am I normal? Through the midst of it all let us be kind.  Let us be patient with each other.  Let us seek first to hear and then be heard.  In the days that seem so violent, for they are surely to come, may we please choose to be as our Savior with stretched out hands and lift up those that so badly need it.  Let us show strength of emotion and stand ready to carry not only ours but the burdens of those who need help.


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